Management Policies

To address severely changing economic realities, plan for the expansion of its business and ensure stability in the livelihood of its employees, the Company shall exert its full efforts to achieve the following objectives with a company-wide spirit of unity and cooperation.

  • 1. Always endeavor to satisfy every customer need, and strive to earn the customer’s full trust, based on the Company's Management Policy.
  • 2. Create a harmonious and congenial working environment for employees by encouraging mutual assistance and cooperation in the workplace, fostering company solidarity and promoting good human relationships.
  • 3. Create a company structure that is always responsive to changes in economic conditions, implement business activities with foresight and strive continuously to develop and strengthen the Company’s management base.
  • 4. Work to improve business performance by encouraging originality and innovation, improving and rationalizing business activities and minimizing unnecessary expenditures.